Carmanah Technologies manufactures solar LED lights and solar power systems that are industry proven to perform reliably in the world’s harshest environments. Carmanah solar LED lights and solar power systems provide a durable, dependable and cost effective energy alternative. The US Coast Guard, NASA, international military organizations, municipalities and commercial organizations around the world have chosen Carmanah solar technology for their operations.

Our Products

A650 Taxiway and Obstruction Light

The A650 is compliant with FAA/ICAO photometrics taxiway specification and features:

• Up to 10 CD of intensity
• Replaceable and recyclable battery pack
• Dusk-to-Dawn or On-Demand operation
• NVG-Compatible IR options
• Intelligent depolyment location settingsDownload Catalogue

A704 Runway Edge and Threshold Light

Meets traditional airfield requirements in an easy to install, low maintenance package.

• Omni and bi-directional options
• FAA and ICAO compliant
• Third party tested
• Proven technology platform
• Available in three solar engine sizes Download Catalogue

Precision Approach Path Indicator

The LED papi is the most advanced on the market and has the widest range of configurations:


ARCAL Pilot-to-Ground Control

The Carmanah ARCAL system provides air-to-ground (Type I) radio control of Carmanah solar airfield products. Allow pilots to activate and manage the intensity of airfield lights on approach.

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Directional Signs

Carmanah solar LED airfield signs are a simple solution for airfields that experience difficulties with grid access or for those that require a quick, minimally disruptive addition to an existing airfield.

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Handheld Controller

The handheld wireless controller delivers on command operation of an airfield lighting system from ground or air over a range of up to 4 kilometers, keeping personnel out of harm's way.

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Wind Cone System

Carmanah solar LED wind cone systems provide a cost effective, low-maintenance solution for improving safety at temporary, permanent, emergency airports and heliports.
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Total Airfield Presentation

• Premium solar panels
• Durable chassis
• Blocking & bypass diodes
• Patented Energy Management System
• High-performance LED’s
• Low-voltage drivers & pulse width modulation
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Elevated Runway Guard Light

Carmanah's elevated runway guard light (ERGL) provides a distinctive warning to pilots that they are approaching a runway holding position and are about to enter an active runway. The Carmanah ERGL is powered by an industry leading solar engine supply (SEPS).

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Defense Presentation

Tactical Lighting Applications. Over 40,000 Carmanahsolar airfield lights have been installed at bases around the world Download Catalogue

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