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Coastal Communications

The Pentair Remote Monitoring solutions provide reliable in-situ monitoring for a range of water quality, hydrographic and meteorological parameters. Transmission of the real time information is performed by:

• Cellular or Radio link for near shore monitoring systems

• Automatic Identification System (AIS) transmission utilizing the AtoN (Aids to Navigation) subset, for broadcasting to:
• Vessel Traffic Services (VTS), Coast Guard or Maritime Agencies and, All passing passenger and cargo vessels

• Satellite communication for off-shore systems
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Coastal Communications AIS

The Aides to Navigation (AtoN) system is a subset of the global Automatic Identification System (AIS) communication system.

AIS transceivers are mandated by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) to be fitted to every international ship over 300 gross tonnes and every passenger ship regardless of size.

The Pentair Coastal series of platforms can be supplied with an integrated AIS AtoN transceiver to broadcast measured environmental information to provide valuable real time information to the deck of every passing vessel and nearby Ports & Harbour VTS.
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Floating Platforms Mounting Options

The Pentair range of water quality, hydrographic and meteorological monitoring systems can be mounted in a variety of ways to suit the monitoring environment:

• Cabinets for integration into any fixed position system (hut, jetty, pier, channel marker)

• Lake & Pond Square platform

• Lake & Pond Buoy

• Coastal Buoy

• Mobile Trailers

In general, fixed platforms are preferred however these may not always be suitable or available.
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Floating Platforms

With Pentair Environmental Systems you get deep expertise in environmental monitoring in challenging environments, combined with resources accessible from other companies within the Pentair family of companies
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Software Modelling

Pentair Environmental Systems (PES) have partnered with the Hydroinformatics Institute (H2I) to offer an integrated modelling system for our buoy mounted platforms. The services include developing, implementing and validating water quality predictions for fresh or coastal waters.
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The Pentair Remote Monitoring solutions provide reliable in-situ monitoring for a range of water quality, hydrographic and meteorological parameters. This real time data can be utilized for a to provide historical records, alarm notification, automated control of industrial processes or to assist in navigation and port management.
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Software VTS

A Vessel Traffic Service (VTS) or Vessel Traffic Management System (VTMS) helps harbour or port authorities keep track of vessel movements and increase navigational safety. A VTS utilizes the Automatic Identification System (AIS) fitted to every cargo and passenger vessel, to identify and track vessel movements and identify risks. Pentair have partnered with Xanatos Marine to offer integrated Aid to Navigation (AtoN) monitoring solutions (based on our Coastal Series of products) integrated with their range of VTS and Electronic Chart Systems (ECS).
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Coastal OS

The Pentair COASTAL-OS (Oil-Slick) provides early warning of oil spills that may result in environmental damage or may impact industries that extract coastal water.

Environment Agencies, Oil producers, or shipping operators may benefit from early detection of leaks to lead the clean-up effort, while industries that extract seawater from the coastal zone (such as desalination plants) may be able to shut down or divert intake systems prior to the oil damaging valuable membranes in the plant.
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Coastal HM

The Pentair COASTAL-HM (Hydro-Met) is the standard for hydrographic or meteorological applications such as ports and harbours (as an Aide to Navigation AtoN) or identifying hazardous coastal conditions.

With the integrated AIS AtoN transceiver the system broadcasts all data to every passenger vessel and cargo ship in the area.

The COASTAL-HM can be fitted with instrumentation to measure the complete set of AtoN parameters.
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Coastal WQ

Pentair’s remote Water Quality monitoring systems have been designed to provide laboratory grade measurements in a robust field installation.
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Telemetry Station

The ENVOY SMART Station is the ultimate in robust and versatile field monitoring. Including the ENVOY telemetry module (all in one datalogger and modem) the system is flexible enough to measure or control the majority of modern environmental sensors. The innovation in the cabinet provides many advantages over alternative systems.
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Weather Stations

Solid state meteorological instruments have greatly improved measurement accuracy, simplified installation and reduced maintenance by eliminating moving parts. The instruments integrate perfectly with the Pentair ENVOY Telemetry Station for the ultimate modern station.
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