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Range of Mann & Hummel separators offered

In todays modern diesel engines fuel filters are becoming more and more important in keeping dirt and water out of the diesel injection system. Common railfilters engines, with their smaller injector sizes and higher injection pressures, are especially susceptible to dirty diesel and water contamination. Separ Fuel filter units are specially designed to filter out the majority of water and impurities out of diesel before it reaches the critical parts like the injector pump and injectors. The SWK range has a special 5 stage filtering process which ensures extra longevity of the filter cartridge, as well as having a unique backflushing ability which also helps prolong the life of the diesel filter.

A special unit called a 'centrifuge' can also be retrofitted to some diesel engines. These units use centrifugal force to clean oil and can remove dirt particles as small as 1 micron, keeping the oil cleaner for longer. This can lead to longer running times between oil changes. The centrifuge is fully serviceable and can be cleaned within a matter of minutes. The centrifuges are used primarily used on diesel engines to remove abrasive soot particles, however these units can also be used on bulk oil storage tanks, as well as oil tanks of hydraulic systems, particularly where dusty conditions are encountered.Filters

Rotor Motive is very proud to be associated with this world class range of products offered in South Africa via GUD Filters. In today's tough economic climate it's even more essential to protect your investment by maintaining the quality of your lubricating oils.

This is easily achieved with the correctly specified product, most suited to your particular application. Rotor Motive offers an advisory and fitting service for this range of separators.

Download the brochure here.

Please contact for further information on specifications and applications.

Separ 2000 Filters

Water separator and fuel filtersepar_filter

The SEPAR 2000 is a water separator and fuel filter for light diesel fuel. An entirely new multistage centrifugal system ensures a 100% solution to the problem of water and particulate in fuel.

SEPAR 2000 offers:

  • Most compact design
  • High effiency
  • Low flow restriction
  • Long life filter elementSepar 2000
  • Easy installation
  • Simple maintenance
Download the Separ Brochure 
Downlaod the Separ 2000 - SWK 2000/10 
Downlaod the Separ 2000 - SWK 2000/5



Supplied in Aluminium or Zincanodes

Aluminum or Zinc anodes are supplied to specification. Bolt or weld on options are available.

All standard shapes are supplied in a variety of weights, and the options mentioned above.

Items not in stock typically have a delivery time of 2 to 3 days.


Propellor Repairs

prop5Propeller repairs by Rotor Motive are undertaken by Lloyds coded welders. The type of material that the

propeller is manufactured from will determine the type of repair undertaken, either welding or brazing.

This repair will include the necessary rebalancing of the unit.

A polishing service is also available and technicians are available to travel away from the main centres.




Separator Spares

Westfalia-Separator-with-unitrol-sensorsWestfalia and Alfa Laval separator spares

Rotor Motive can supply genuine or aftermarket spare parts and on occasion reconditioned spare parts.

Complete used units are also available on an ad hoc basis. Please enquire for further information.


Johnson Cutlass Bearings

bearingsSleeve and Flanged Bearings

These water lubricated bearings have set industry standards for decades in the harshest working environments, earning the trust of more marine professionals than any other bearing.

Please call us to discuss your requirements.

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Fog Horns and Fog Detectors



Fibre and Steel Wire Ropes

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Chains, Shackles & Mooring Bridals

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Fender Tyres

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