Rotor Motive, in operation since 1988, manufactures and/or distributes a range of goods to the marine and industrial markets throughout Africa.

Marine Supplies Products

Quay Quip

Rotor Motive represents QuayQuip, one of the world’s most advance manufacturers of marine fenders.

QuayQuip produce every kind of fender from giant, custom-designed engineered systems to simple fixed and floating fenders.

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General Marine

Range of Mann & Hummel separators offered. In todays modern diesel engines fuel filters are becoming more and more important in keeping dirt and water out of the diesel injection system.
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Sabik are specialists in design and manufacturing of visual aids to navigation.

Sabik has offices in Porvoo, Finland (Sabik Oy and the SABIK Group headquarters), Germany, UK and Singapore.

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Propulsion Systems

Various propulsion systems, new or second hand, and their spares are supplied by Rotor Motive

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Specializing in the design, development, manufacture and distribution of aid to navigation equipment, Mobilis provides quality products. Founded in 1990 Mobilis has stood out to be today one of the world leaders in the field of maritime signaling buoy.

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Increase Life Cycle and Decrease Cost for Navigation Buoys. There is no mooring that can handle all situations. SEAFLEX Buoy Mooring is addressing the new opportunities for lowering the cost for navigational aids that have appeared through the use of new technology.

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