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Rotor Motive represents QuayQuip, one of the world’s most advance manufacturers of marine fenders. QuayQuip produce every kind of fender from giant, custom-designed engineered systems to simple fixed and floating fenders.

From its unrivalled facilities and impressive track record to the most complete product certification in the fendering industry, QuayQuip commands the very top of its market.

QuayQuip’s design creativity has proven the value of new designs and materials: by expanding the range of possible structures, and by keeping our customers ahead of an evolving market.

Our engineers are backed up by the most experienced manufacturing and logistics experts in the business. We plan for the long term, following projects from proposal to after-care, and building relationships with our customers on a foundation of trust and understanding.

Sales and technical operations are headquartered in the United Kingdom. Offices in the Netherlands, France, the USA, Canada, Malaysia, China and Australia, plus a full network of approved agents, provide regional support.

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Engineered Fenders

QuayQuip’s Engineered Fenders bring the latest technology to bear on specialist fendering and mooring applications.

Industry-changing designs blend seamlessly with tried and tested components. Top-grade materials mean that every system performs flawlessly in the harshest marine environments.

PMF Parallel Movement Fenders

QuayQuip’s design team has engineered many hundreds of Parallel Movement fenders and now takes this technology into the latest 4th Generation PMF with improved geometries, bearing designs and materials.

Parallel Movement fenders include a ‘non-tilt’ torsion arm mechanism that keeps the panel vertical at any impact level, but still allows free movement to cope with berthing angles. PMF systems provide very low reaction too – sometimes less than half that of a conventional design. Reduced load can mean lower construction costs, and smoother and faster vessel turnarounds.

PMF Fenders are custom designed for each application. QuayQuip engineers consider normal and abnormal impacts, tides, line loads and UDLs, hull form, clearances and many other factors before recommending the best design for each case. 

Pivot Fenders

QuayQuip Pivot Fenders are an alternative to Parallel Movement systems. The panel remains almost vertical no matter where the impact occurs on its face. Pivot fenders protect their supporting structures by reducing horizontal forces into the structure. They can also receive vessels with pronounced beltings or head- and stern-on impacts. They work well in high tidal ranges or where vessels may impact above the deck level of the structure.

The panel, connected to QCN cones or QME elements, pivots around a durable, precision-made joint at the bottom. Panels may rotate about their vertical axes and tilt in the direction of fender compression.

Pivot Fenders can cope with large horizontal and vertical working loads, and offer very high energy absorption and low reaction. Systems are often interlinked to form flexible barriers along quay faces or around curved structures.

Options include inbuilt cathodic protection to extend working life and self-locking fixings for lower maintenance.

FPP Flat Pack Ports

QuayQuip’s Flat Pack Port (FPP) concept solves many construction issues for remote locations, such as build speed and available cranage.

The FPP’s entire fender, mooring, deck and jacket structures are modular. They can be pre-assembled in the factory and checked before shipment, containerised and despatched to site in the most convenient and manageable packages.

On-site work is reduced to placing piles, rapid assembly of the flat pack port components and a few grouted joints. Job done – fast, inexpensively and without compromise.

PMF parallel Movement FendersParallel Movement FendersPMF fendersPivot FendersPivotsPivotsFlat pack

Fixed Fenders

You can rely on every fender in the QuayQuip Fixed Range. High energy absorption, low reaction forces and a long service life come as standard.

Better still, Bureau Veritas has Type Approved all our fixed fenders to the stringent PIANC 2002 and ASTM F-2192-05 guidelines, giving QuayQuip the largest Type Approved range of any manufacturer.

Cone, Cell and Element fenders combine with load distributing steel panels and UHMW-PE low friction face pads to form complete systems. QME Elements are modular and can be combined horizontally or vertically as V-fenders, or simply mounted with steel panels.

QuayQuip rubber fenders are compression moulded from the highest quality natural and SBR compounds. Additives protect fender units from UV light, ozone and other environmental effects to extend operating life and reduce the need for maintenance.

Fixed Fenders

The QuayQuip QCN Cone Fender combines high efficiency with superb angular performance. Well proven and versatile, the QCN Conecone icon 2 Fender is at home everywhere from a simple panel and fender up to QuayQuip's mightiest Engineered Fender Systems and Flat Pack Ports.

QuayQuip is the only fender manufacturer to be awarded PIANC 2002 and ASTM F-2192-05 type approval for both single and double cone arrangements.

Common applications for the QCN Cone Fender include terminals handling large vessels, load-sensitive structures and port upgrades. QuayQuip offer a full range of sizes and compounds to suit almost any berth.

Cone Fenders

The QuayQuip QCL Cell Fender is simple and highly efficient. Proven across a wide range of applications, it is ideal for multi-purpose berths including exposed sites.

QCL Cell Fenders come in a full range of compounds, and in sizes up to 3000mm high: the largest rubber fender unit that QuayQuip offer as standard.

The QCL Cell Fender's wide flanges ensure simple installation and an even load distribution across structures and fender panels. Its shear resistance is excellent.

Just like the rest of QuayQuip's Fixed Fender range, the QCL Cell Fender has been awarded PIANC 2002 and ASTM F-2192-05 Type Approval.


Element Fenders

The QuayQuip QME Element Fender is a modular unit with a highly efficient and versatile geometry. Its tried and tested design works at the heart of some of QuayQuip's innovative fender designs.

QME Element Fenders have a long track record in berths and terminals handling all sizes of vessel. They can be mounted horizontally or vertically for optimum performance, either in pairs as V-Fenders or in larger arrays behind UHMW-PE panels. QME Elements have small footprints, which is why designers often prefer them when fixing area is restricted.

QME Element Fenders are available in a full range of compounds, and in sizes up to 1600mm high and 2000mm long.

Along with the rest of QuayQuip's Fixed Fender range, the QME Element Fender has been awarded PIANC 2002 and ASTM F-2192-05 Type Approval.


Arch Fenders

QuayQuip Arch Fenders come in two types. The QSA is a single-piece rubber unit, and the QPA is protected by durable, bolt-on UHMW-PE pads.

Both QSA and QPA Arch Fenders are tough and reliable. They are built to install easily and last for a very long time – ideal for berths serving small vessels in all conditions. We recommend the QSA for applications needing low-friction, non-marking surfaces.

Arch Fenders can be fitted horizontally or vertically. A full range of compounds is available, in standard sizes up to 1000mm high and 3500mm long. QSA and QPA Arch Fenders are Type Approved to PIANC 2002 and ASTM F-2192-05 guidelines

Foam Fenders

QuayQuip Foam Fenders use aerospace technology to create the strongest and most durable foam fenders available.

A precision made filament reinforced skin encloses and protects every fender. Closed cell foam cores come in hardness grades from low reaction to extra high energy. Advanced computer controlled thermo-lamination processes ensure a consistent performance and fast recovery after impacts. Fender end fittings are fully sealed to prevent the water filling issues that plague lesser foam fenders.

Thanks to the latest polyurethane formulations, almost any colour is possible from high-visibility orange to navy grey to brilliant white – all permanent and non-marking.

Foam Fenders

QuayGuard foam fenders perform better and are more rugged than anything else in their class.

QuayQuip’s revolutionary Flosys technology builds precision into every layer. The engineered steel core is wrapped with tension-controlled PE foam. Our 4-axis filament winding system, also used to build spacecraft fuel tanks, takes over and lays down each filament for maximum strength and an even finish. The non-marking PU skin includes an extra wear layer and comes in a range of standard colours including black, orange and grey. Almost any other colour is available on request.

QuayGuard foam fenders are available in a huge range of standard metric and US sizes, and five grades of foam from ultra-low reaction to super-high performance.

Donut Fenders

QuayQuip Donut fenders are ideal for protecting locks, corners and berth entrances, and anywhere that ships warp along a berth.

The Donut fender (also known as a ‘pile fender’ or ‘monopile fender’) rotates and floats around a steel monopile. Its closed-cell, PE foam body absorbs energy and provides buoyancy. UHMW-PE stave bearings within the steel core allow the fender to move freely with changes in water level and keep rolling resistance to a minimum.

Built with the same Flosys technology as the rest of the QuayQuip foam range, Donut fenders are quick to install but last for years with little or no maintenance. A full range of standard sizes, foam compounds and colours are available. QuayQuip can also design custom Donut fenders for specialist applications, such as submarine berths.

Pneumatic Fenders

QuayQuip Pneumatic Fenders are in a class of their own for strength, reliability and build quality.

The popular QPF Pneumatic fender is available in Chain Tyre Net and Sling types and two initial pressures. The QSR is heavily ribbed and approaches the strength of a Chain Tyre Net fender without the extra weight. QSF Submarine fenders (also known as Hydropneumatic fenders) are designed to protect submerged hulls.

Pneumatic FendersPneumatic-icon

QuayQuip QPF pneumatic fenders are the strongest, best built and most reliable units in their class.

The versatile and well proven QPF is available as a ‘sling’ type or with a chain and tyre net. Two initial pressures and a huge range of sizes mean there is a perfect match for almost any inshore or offshore application. Every QPF fender is made to ISO 17357 and offers Guaranteed Energy Absorption, so you can be confident it will perform reliably and last for years.


Ribbed Pneumatic Fenderspneumatic-ribbed-icon

The QSR Pneumatic fenders has a heavily ribbed shell that weighs little more than a traditional ‘sling’ type pneumatic, but is as rugged as a ‘chain and tyre net’ type.

Easy to install and simple to maintain, the QSR pneumatic can be deployed almost anywhere. The standard colours are orange, grey and black.

Hydropneumatic Fendershydropneumatic-icon

QuayQuip QSF Hydropneumatic fenders protect submarines and other vessels that make contact below the waterline. They are filled with water and air then fitted with a counterweight that holds them upright against submerged hulls.

QSF Hydropneumatic fenders can be performance ‘tuned’ by varying the initial pressure, water to air ratio and ballast weights to suit the hull curvature and sensitivity of the latest submarines. QuayQuip can also allow for polytropic conditions (saturated air) and other variables.


Wheel Fenders and Roller Fenders

QuayQuip Wheel and Roller Fenders protect lock corners and guide ships in confined spaces.

The range uses either pneumatic tyres or Flosys foam construction. Pneumatic wheels offer triple inflation barriers for low maintenance, and double inflation points improve ease of access.

Fenders are usually mounted in traditional fixed frames. New, hinged frames are available that allow the wheel units to temporarily swivel out of the way of wider vessels in a narrow channel.

Utility Fenders

QuayQuip’s Utility Range of fenders provides simple, rugged and robust protection for a wide range of berths and wharves.

Cylindrical fenders and extruded profiles are manufactured from high quality elastomer compounds and have the best production tolerances in the industry. QuayQuip also designs every bracket, support and mount to suit your project, whether they will be fixed to concrete, steel or timber structures.

QuayQuip UHMW-PE is first quality virgin material (not to be confused with lower performance grades – ‘regenerated’, ‘double sintered’ and ‘blended’ grades). First quality virgin UHMW-PE lasts longer, has better frictional properties and is available in many standard colours other than the usual black.

Cylindrical Fenders

Cylindrical Fenders are high quality, strong and long lasting units.cylindrical-icon-1cylindrical-fenders

Popular for over 50 years, cylindrical fenders are simple and effective for a range of ships and applications. They are commonly used in areas with small tides and where low hull pressures and reaction forces are not significant.

QuayQuip QCY Cylindrical fenders come in a full range of sizes and two standard compounds. They are Type Approved to both PIANC 2002 and ASTM F-2192-5 protocols.


Extruded Fenders

QuayQuip have a full range of extruded fenders:composite-fender-iconextruded-fenders

QEX Extruded Profiles are used for general purpose and light/medium duty applications such as harbours receving smaller vessels, and fitting to tugs and workboats. They are available with a range of square and D-sections.

QBB Bumber Bars are moulded sections with low profile fixings to survive heavy knocks.

PFS and PFP Profiles feature low-friction UHMW-PE facings and are used to absorb energy and reduce shear forces. Facings come in black as standard and other colours on request.


UHMW-PE facings

QuayQuip’s ‘virgin’ grade UHMW-PE is the best material for consistent low-friction, hard wearing facings on high performance fenders. ‘Fender Quality’ (FQ) grades are available on request.

Virgin UHMW-PE low friction facings last longer and reduce shear forces more than any alternative material or grade. Black, yellow and blue are the most popular colours. Other choices include green, white, orange, grey and red.

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