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Sabik are specialists in design and manufacturing of visual aids to navigation. Sabik has offices in Porvoo, Finland (Sabik Oy and the SABIK Group headquarters), Germany, UK and Singapore. Together with our representative office in Russia, our trusted marine partner Carmanah in Canada and our global distribution network we are ready to serve our customers in all longitudes and latitudes

Marine Lanterns

self-containedToday LED technology is the preferred solution for all signal lights in the marine aids to navigation industry. The Sabik/Carmanah range of LED lanterns is the most comprehensive available:

  • buoy lanterns
  • ice buoy lanterns
  • medium and long range beacon lanterns
  • range lights
  • sector lights
  • light tubes for structure illumination
  • self contained lanterns
  • marker light for aquaculture farms

Sabik/Carmanah lanterns are appreciated for their luminous performance, reliability, modularity and functionality. By selecting a Sabik/Carmanah lantern you not only get a reliable light but also a complete palette of intelligent solutions. Our customers have the ability to choose the right features for their specific needs so they can operate their aids to navigation efficiently and at lower life time cost.

We have come a long way since we introduced the first intelligent lantern on the market in 1986. The new generation electronics described in this catalogue bring over 25 years‘ experience to serve you.

Self Contained Lanterns

monitoring-controlSingle lift solutions are becoming more attractive with the constant development of LEDs, solar panels and battery technologies.

For the operator, an integrated light and solar power supply lantern is ideal. They are easy to handle in the field with no engineering on installation needed.

Sabik and Carmanah Self Contained lanterns cover the range from 1 to 10 nm. The capacity of the integrated solar system will limit the range and duty cycle for any given location.

The larger the package, the higher the latitude where the solution can be used.

With the new Sabik SMC electronics, self contained lanterns are optimized for solar powered systems.

The PWM solar charging SMC algorithms are designed to optimize output of the integrated solar panels and batteries.

Remote Monitoring & Control

power-systemsThe rapid development in communication technologies makes it possible to integrate reliable remote monitoring and control even on minor aids to navigation.

Real-time information about the state of operation of Aids to Navigation increases safety and enables a more efficient planning of maintenance resources.

Our product line for remote monitoring and control is called LightGuard. It can be supplied integrated in Sabik lights or be installed on existing Aids to Navigation.

Power Systems

Reliable power supply is mandatory for lighted aids to navigation. We design and deliver power supplies to suit the powering needs of lights for almost any location.

The energy sources range from primary batteries, solar/photovoltaic, wind to even fuel cells combined with storage batteries and mains electricity. This section presents a careful selection of components needed to build reliable power supplies.

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